15 Secrets and Easter Eggs in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild You May Have Missed (2023)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of Nintendo's most exciting and groundbreaking games in years. By returning to the series' roots as a free-wheeling adventure, Nintendo has done the impossible: reinvent a franchise that many gamers found stale, predictable and even boring.

Not only that, but they've also managed to update it enough to feel modern and competitiveOpen world games that populate consoles. The game proved to be such a successful reinvention that several people bought Breath of the Wild in no timefor the Switch than actually buying the Switch itself. In fact, the game once single-handedly contributed to the success of Nintendo's latest home console.

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With such a large, immersive and well-designed game, it's no surprise that players have dedicated themselves to discovering all the mysteries it has to offer, and it's a game that offers quite a bit. From hidden game mechanics tothe wildest creaturesto physics and combat-twisting elements, Breath of the Wildhas tons of weird and fun details to dive into.

Updated May 1, 2021 by Stephen LaGioia:Breath of the Wild has retained much of its momentum despite being around since its Switch release. This is thanks in part to the DLC content,Master's examsand The Champions' Ballad, which reignites fan interest and re-immerses players in majestic Hyrule.

It also helps with thathighly anticipated sequellooms on the horizon, giving the formula a grim new twist. But Breath of the Wild's engaging gameplay - impressive depth and variety - is also the reason for its enduring popularity. The game's dynamic mechanics and open exploration really give it a timeless appeal. But it also provides a solid foundation for lots of clever little tricks and Easter eggs. So it seemed appropriate to revisit and revitalize this list for new players and those who may have missed some neat secrets.


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15 Translate Ancient Hylian Runes

15 Secrets and Easter Eggs in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild You May Have Missed (1)

When players gain access to a new shrine, tower, or tower on the map, players may notice a series of strange letters scrolling vertically. These are from the ancient Hylian - but far from being made-up gibberish, they can actually be translated into normal language.

Many of these translations are simple instructions, but some have hidden easter eggs. Hylian on the pins, seen through your Sheikah scope, translates to "It's dangerous to walk alone." This is a nod to the old man's dialogue from the original Legend of Zelda. Even better, though, is the ancient Hylian in one of the game's shrines, which translates to "all your base is," a nod to the acclaimed dialogue from the 1992 Mega Drive game Zero Wing.

14 Hack your journey

15 Secrets and Easter Eggs in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild You May Have Missed (2)

Breath of the Wild's physics system means players have many incredible ways to get around Hyrule faster. A fun method is to stack a metal cube on top of a minecart, climb onto it, and then use the Magnesis rune to lift Link into the air like a DIY airplane. Be careful though, as the device can easily fall apart if it gets out of balance.

At sea, if it takes too long to shoot air at Link's sail with a Korok blade, players can use Magnesis to press a metal chest or box against the sail. This will bizarrely drive Link. Magnesis isn't the only power that makes jumping around Hyrule faster. When you use Stasis on a boulder, press it until the arrow glows red, then jump up right before it shoots. Link is then chased through the countryside as if it were an express train.

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13 Try new recipes on a blood moon night

15 Secrets and Easter Eggs in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild You May Have Missed (3)

One of the best kept secrets in BOTW has to do with cooking during this sinister time called the Blood Moon. Every few nights the moon rises bright red in the sky, and at midnight all slain enemies reappear as despised zombies. This can lead to stressful battles and drain resources, not to mention seeing a glowing red moon rise above a dark horizonis quite scaryin itself.

But luckily, this menacing scene also has an upside. In the minutes before the blood moon takes effect at midnight, find a fire for cooking and start throwing in ingredients. The cooked meals will have increased stat boosts - possibly in preparation for the upcoming gauntlet of reanimated enemies.

12 Find Lon Lon Ranch

15 Secrets and Easter Eggs in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild You May Have Missed (4)

Hyrule Castle is shrouded in darkness and the realm around it lies in ruins, but that doesn't mean players can't discover some familiar places. The Hyrule map shows that southeast of the castle is an area labeled "Ranch Ruins".

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Going there, one discovers the bones in a structure eerily reminiscent of one of the most memorableOrte i Ocarina of Time, Lon Lon Ranch. The highlight is the brick wall to the left of the entrance, the masonry pattern of which is too similar to be a coincidence. Could it be that one of Epona's offspring is wandering around Hyrule just waiting to be tamed?

11 Control the fire of the guardians

15 Secrets and Easter Eggs in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild You May Have Missed (5)

The Mechanical Guardians are among the most fearsome enemies in Breath of the Wild, with their mechanical octopus appearance and laser beams that can kill Link with a single blow. But with a little ingenuity, players can use their weapons and harness their firepower.

First, use the upgraded Stasis rune to freeze a Guardian and run on their butt. Then hit it with Link's weapon. This acts as a manual fire switch that triggers the laser beam to fire in the direction it is pointing. This quickly creates a powerful sentinel weapon that you can use to blow up other enemies.

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15 Secrets and Easter Eggs in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild You May Have Missed (6)

The shrines in the game have some strange names, but the very first shrine available has a secret message in its title. Oman-Au Shrine on the Great Plateau is a cleverly disguised anagram of Aonuma, as in Eiji Aonuma - the lead producer of the Legend of Zelda series.

The celebrity references don't stop there, however. Observant players have noticed that Botrick, a soldier patrolling the Outskirt Stable in Hyrule Field, resembles Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's beloved boss who recently passed away. In addition, Botrick Link will tell about ita secret spring located on top of Mount Satoriproximity.

Go there at night and you'll find a glowing forest spirit said to watch over Hyrule with a benevolent gaze. This is consistent with the developers' comments that they felt Iwata's spirit watching over them when they were developing Breath of the Wild. This one definitely has the potential to induce some misty eyes.

9 Rains chicken death on enemies

15 Secrets and Easter Eggs in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild You May Have Missed (7)

As any true Zelda fan knows, attacking Cuccos is never a good idea. These fiery creatures look like harmless chickens - but stabbing them with a sword will unleash a ferocious attack that lasts until you flee to a nearby building. There are few deaths more shameful than being hacked into an early grave. Although Breath of the Wild allows Link to kill most other animals, this tradition remains.

However, unlike the other games in the series, the open world design allows players to get a little creative. If you take a Cucco into battle and throw it into an enemy attack, Cuccos will swarm it. Maybe these feathered fools aren't so terrible after all.

8 Make your enemies fight each other

15 Secrets and Easter Eggs in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild You May Have Missed (8)

Combat in Breath of the Wild can be a difficult and exhausting affair, especially when fighting powerful sub-bosses like Guardians, Stone Taluses, or Hinoxes. But instead of wasting weapons and shields throwing Link at his enemies, why not let his enemies do all the work?

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As you lure individual enemies together and trick them into attacking each other, you'll experience the pure satisfaction of watching them fight each other to the death. It's immensely satisfying to watch a giant talus hurl rocks at a desperate guard while Link sneaks away, hidden from the unfolding chaos. It's an added touch that really shows how detailed the title is.

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7 Talk to suppliers when it rains

15 Secrets and Easter Eggs in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild You May Have Missed (9)

As players travel through Hyrule, they will likely encounter a few roving merchants selling somethingregion-specific articlesand weapons. Their selection of normal days is decent, but if you approach one while it's raining, players might notice something else.

Perhaps to better attract customers despite the cloudy weather, merchants will sell rarer and better materials when it rains. For example, you can sell regular raw meat, but switch to premium meat during a storm. As in real life, stores have to deal with weather conditions when stocking their shelves. The only difference is that in the real world, under harsh conditions, most stores tend to have fewer items.

6 Use elemental weapons in harsh climates

15 Secrets and Easter Eggs in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild You May Have Missed (10)

One of the coolest features of Breath of the Wild is the dynamic weather, which changes from warm, tropical weather to snowy mountain peaks and blazing volcanoes. These climate changes can be difficult to handle without the right gear for extreme conditions like the bitter cold. But there is another way to adapt to temperature changes.

Players who have elemental weapons such as Frost Blades or Flame Blades in their arsenal can equip them to compensate for temperature fluctuations. A flame blade keeps Link warm in the snowy Hebra Mountains, while a frost blade cools him down as he crosses the volcanic Death Mountain.

5 Go out (mostly) without clothes

15 Secrets and Easter Eggs in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild You May Have Missed (11)

Just like in real life, decluttering in Breath of the Wild can be a lot more fun than dressing up. Basically, Link can pull off the shirtless look pretty well. But more importantly, Nintendo has filled the game with easter eggs for the costumed. Link's idle animation changes, causing him to display his weapons. Opening treasure chests without lower body armor will cause Link to clutch his foot in pain. Finally, he kicks up in the chest.

And when talking to naked NPCs, they'll act outraged and tell Link to cover up - unless of course he's talking to Hestu, who seems amused. Most amusing and useful of all, however, removing Link's clothes increases his swimming speed and he uses less stamina.

4 Knock over guardians like dominoes

15 Secrets and Easter Eggs in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild You May Have Missed (12)
(Video) 30 Secrets in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Another trick to dealing with Guardians is to treat them like giant mechanical dominoes. Horses are a boon when dealing with these large bots, letting Link gallop out of the way much faster. But instead of running away, try runningtothe sluggish animals.

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If Link unleashes his horse's attack when he gets close to the Guardian, he will knock it over on its side if he runs towards it. This has two benefits: it drastically limits her movement and exposes her underside for easier attack. And it's pretty fun to watch the fearsome enemies wiggle around on their backs. Of course, this assumes that Link can survive fighting several of them at once.

3 Repair rusty weapons

15 Secrets and Easter Eggs in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild You May Have Missed (13)

In the early stages of Breath of the Wild, players will encounter many rusty weapons; They are weakened versions of more powerful weapons such as broadswords and halberds. While they may have high attack power, they break after a few hits, rendering them largely useless once they leave the Great Plateau. Even so, it's still a good idea to have one or two with you when you travel, as you can take advantage of in-game enemies to fix them.

The Rock Octoroks that lurk on Death Mountain have a Kirby-style suction attack that allows them to suck up objects from their surroundings and spit them back out. If they throw a rusty weapon at them, they will swallow it and spit out a new, improved, shiny new version. Just be careful not to get hit by the pristine new sword as it fires back at Link.

2 Farm arrows with your shield

15 Secrets and Easter Eggs in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild You May Have Missed (14)

Arrows are one of the most valuable items in Breath of the Wild, and most people will probably spend a lot of time planning to get more of them. After all, considering some of them can crush Link like a bug if they get close enough, catching them from afar makes sense. A little-known trick makes it even easier to stock up on arrows.

Find enemies that shoot arrows at Link and hold up his shield. The arrows will bury themselves in the forest, and if you put the shield away, those arrows will transfer to your inventory. Voila, willow breeding! This is another level of detail that is quite rare in the gaming sector.

1 Get Ganon's horse

15 Secrets and Easter Eggs in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild You May Have Missed (15)
(Video) 10 Hidden Secrets in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

It lurks out in the wilderness of Hyrulea horse like no other. Early in the game, players may encounter a side mission that asks Link to find a horse that is of the equine family of the royal family. So it makes sense that you can also find an animal related to the most evil creature Hyrule has ever known.

In the Taobob grasslands to the south, players can track down a giant horse - literally twice the size of any other horse - that has the same color scheme as Ganon. The connection between the two seems to be doubly confirmed by completing a side mission involving the beast. Link's reward? The same riding equipment that Ganon himself once used.

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What is the coolest secret in Breath of the Wild? ›

Breath Of The Wild: 19 Hidden Areas You Didn't Know Existed
  • 12 Great Fairy Fountains.
  • 13 Eventide Island. ...
  • 14 Tarrey Town. ...
  • 15 Lurelin Village. ...
  • 16 Riola Spring. ...
  • 17 Dungeon 136. ...
  • 18 The Secret Debug Room. ...
  • 19 The Home Of Horse God Malanya. Where to Find: East of the Horse God Bridge in the Faron Grasslands. ...
Mar 26, 2023

What is the hardest item to get in Zelda breath of the wild? ›

While there is a large assortment of shields throughout the franchise, the Hylian Shield specifically is the most famous of all. In Breath of the Wild, the Hylian Shield can be found in a treasure chest located deep in Hyrule Castle guarded by a Stalnox, the re-animated skeleton of a Hinox.

Are there any Easter eggs in Breath of the Wild? ›

From hidden game mechanics, secrets, references to older games, and nods to the continuity of the series (or lack thereof), there are a ton of Easter eggs that have been found that even veterans may not be aware of. You'll have to look through every nook and cranny to find these Easter eggs.

Where is the secret village in Botw? ›

Tarrey Town is located in the middle of Lake Akkala across the natural bridge onto the large rock island in the Akkala region.

What is the hardest bad guy in Zelda breath of the wild? ›

There can't be a list on hardest enemies in Breath of the Wild without mentioning Calamity Ganon. Ganon is the main villain in the series and the final boss that Link has to defeat in order to save Hyrule at the end.

What is the most op weapon in Zelda? ›

The Master Sword is one of the most powerful weapons found in Zelda BOTW. Its durability is infinite as it never breaks.

What is the rarest weapon in Zelda? ›

What is the rarest sword in Zelda? Not only are Zora weapons in general fairly rare, but the Silver Longsword is only reliably found in one place in the entire game; the area behind Zora's Domain's Sheikah Shrine. With the right (or wrong) luck, a BOTW player can easily find they missed such a weapon.

Can you get a girlfriend in Zelda Breath of the Wild? ›

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is no dating game, but it doesn't lack for romance. Link experiences the platonic love of giant horses and dogs throughout his adventure — as well as the affections of two fishlike creatures, whom everyone really wants to date in real life.

Where is the kid hiding in Breath of the Wild? ›

As soon as you gain back control of Link, run up the stairs to Impa's home, run around the porch and you will find Cottla hiding there.

Are there chickens in Zelda? ›

Cuccos are recurring animals in The Legend of Zelda series. They are similar to chickens and sound like a rooster. In most games, Cuccos can summon a flock of Cuccos to attack Link if he has hit them too many times.

Can you get a house in Tarrey Town? ›

In Tears of the Kingdom, Tarrey Town remains fully built, but it's home to one of the game's most heartwarming Side Adventures. Not only that, but once you've completed this quest, you'll have the opportunity to build your very own house where you can store weapons, items, and the like.

What is the scariest place in Breath of the Wild? ›

1 Typhlo Ruins

Almost all of Breath of the Wild can be completed without ever venturing inside the dark woods at the north end of Hyrule. These dark, heavily-forested ruins are super creepy and shrouded in darkness. Once inside, Link won't be able to see basically anything.

Who is the bad guy in Zelda? ›

Ganon is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda video game series and franchise, as well as the final boss in many Zelda titles.

What happens if you 100 percent Breath of the Wild? ›

There is no overall completion percentage for other activities in the game - but you'll also be able to track how many Main Quests, Side Quests, and Shrine Quests you have completed out of the total amount in your Adventure Log. NOTE: It is important to know that there is NO REWARD for a 100% completion rate.

What is the strongest thing in Zelda? ›

The Lynel, truly the undisputed king of monsters in Breath of the Wild's Hyrule. These lion-centaur beasts have some of the best weapons in the game, are capable of both melee and ranged attacks, and can drain a player's hearts before you even realize you're in danger.

What is the hardest hero mode in Zelda? ›

Link's Awakening (2019) might be the singlest hardest 2D Zelda all things considered. Its Hero Mode makes getting through the early game in one piece a massive challenge. Even by mid-game, Hero Mode will keep players on their toes as just about any hiccup can lead to death.

Are there monkeys in Zelda? ›

Monkeys are a recurring race in The Legend of Zelda series.

What is the most expensive thing to sell in Zelda? ›

The most expensive elixirs to sell are ones made with Lynel parts.

What food gives extra hearts Zelda? ›

In reality, the durian is known as the king of fruits, or rather, the world's smelliest fruit. In Breath of the Wild, it's the king of temporary hearts. A single cooked Hearty Durian will restore three hearts, but more importantly, it'll give you +4 temporary hearts.

What is the coolest sword in Zelda? ›

Of all the weapons in Breath of the Wild, the Master Sword is by far the best. This weapon is a special one because it doesn't actually break, it just needs to be recharged after being used for a while. But this powerful weapon and its special properties don't come without some sacrifices.

What weapon do the Yiga use? ›

Vicious Sickle

A grim weapon favored by the Yiga. The half-moon shape of the blade allows for the rapid delivery of fatal wounds and serves as a symbol of their terror.

What is IMPA best weapon? ›

Impa's best weapon is the Devoted Kodachi - a symbol of Impa's loyalty to the Hyrule royal family. Zelda will boast two different playstyles by the end of the game, and both of them can end up being incredibly explosive.

Is there an unbreakable weapon in Zelda? ›

The Master Sword is unique in that it's the only unbreakable weapon in the game. Its durability wanes with use, but after a few minutes recharging in your inventory, it's good to go again. It's worth finding the sword as it does double damage against Ganon and his minions.

What is the best one hand sword in Zelda? ›

It might sound like a major hassle, but Master Sword proves its worth. It starts with 30 base strength, which is among the highest for all one-handed weapons in Breath of the Wild, but that number automatically doubles when you face the final boss, Calamity Ganon.

What is the weakest weapon in Zelda breath of the wild? ›

Waste of inventory space, low damage, no point in getting. I enjoy using rafts because they are fast, but the Korok Leafs, they are a waste of space in the inventory. They're good for rafts, but that's where it ends there. It is the weakest weapon in the game, sporting 1 damage and it's a heavy weapon.

Who is Zelda boyfriend? ›

Irma Vep (TV Mini Series 2022) - Sebastian Marx as Zelda's Boyfriend - IMDb.

Do Zelda and Link ever kiss? ›

14 Zelda II: The Loves Of Link's Life

Granted, he's only around 16 at this point, but lore is lore. This of course creates a problem when the other Zelda wakes up at the end of the game and kisses Link.

Can you get a pet in Zelda Breath of the Wild? ›

What is even more interesting about the dogs in BOTW is that their bond isn't assumed. In many games, such as Skyrim, you can just buy a dog and it would follow you loyally where ever you go. But in BOTW you have to work to earn a dog's trust and there are limits of what it will do for you.

How to sleep with paya? ›

Paya lives in Impa's house, so head inside and talk to her for a while. Eventually you'll put her to bed, at which point you'll want to wait by the fire until night falls.

What is the girl town in breath of the wild? ›

The location known as Gerudo Town is in the Gerudo Wasteland Region. Located far off in the center of the Gerudo Desert, Gerudo Town is a large vibrant community and home to the Gerudo people, who are all female. The Gerudo are fiercely protective of their culture, and do not allow a male (voe) into their town.

Are there demons in Zelda? ›

Often Zelda's demons are led by a Dai Maou or the Great Demon King, which is a title many of the main antagonists have held at one point in the past. Starting with Ganon in his earliest appearance, the title Demon King has gone on to describe later antagonists such as Malladus, Bellum, and Demise.

Are there elephants in Zelda? ›

Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Vah Ruta is one of the game's four Divine Beasts scattered around Hyrule. This page explains how to specifically explore the Vah Ruta dungeon and the five terminal locations inside the giant mechanical elephant.

How do you unlock firefly's light? ›

You must complete the following three quests before this quest is unlocked.
  1. Locked Mementos.
  2. Flown the Coop.
  3. Find the Fairy Fountain.
Mar 3, 2017

How do you unlock the secret shop in Tarrey Town? ›

It is a secret shop only accessible after the side quest "From the Ground Up" has been fully completed. To access the shop, Link has to speak to Granté on the balcony of the first building on the right of the entrance of Tarrey Town. He will sell rare armor as Link discovers them at an extremely high price.

Does the dog in Tarrey Town give you treasure? ›

Like other settlements in the game, Tarrey Town has a dog that Link can befriend with food. After feeding the black dog, the dog will take Link to a treasure chest. Inside the treasure chest, Link will find five bomb arrows.

What is the creepiest thing in Zelda? ›

The Dead Hand are a legitimate demonic presence that feels out of place in the Zelda series, and it's a relief that it's a relatively rare sight. This grim monster occupies the foreboding Shadow Temple, but the encounter with one at the bottom of the well is, without a doubt, the scariest moment in the whole game.

Where is the evil statue in Breath of the Wild? ›

Breath of the Wild

The statue is located near Firly Pond in close proximity to Link's House at the southwest portion of Hateno Village.

Is there a Graveyard in Breath of the Wild? ›

In Breath of the Wild, there is a small graveyard in the northern part of Kakariko Village that Koko secretly visits during in the morning. If spoken to, she reveals her late mother is buried there and that she is aware of her death despite her father Dorian's efforts to hide the truth from her and her sister.

Where is pipit in zelda? ›

He lives in Skyloft. He helps you with your search for your Crimson Loftwing by cornering Fledge in front of the Sparring Hall and making him reveal where it was hidden.

Where is the lost wife in Zelda? ›

You'll find Mei on a island in Lake Hylia just east of Hylia Island way, way, way downstream from Zora's Domain. The fastest way to get there is to fast travel to Ya Naga shrine. Hop over to the tiny island immediately to the east, and Mei will walk out of the water to greet you.

Where is the girl outfit in breath of the wild? ›

Breath of the Wild

The set can be purchased from Vilia on top of the Kara Kara Bazaar for 600 Rupees as part of the "Forbidden City Entry" Main Quest. Afterwards, all three pieces can be bought in Gerudo Town for 540 Rupees total.

What is the secret room password Breath of the Wild? ›

Simply head outside and go up the stairs to the west. Once inside the next room, head to the right and stand near the wall to listen in on their conversation. The women will state that the Gerudo Secret Club password is G, S, C, Diamond. That basically stands for Gerudo Secret Club, followed by the diamond shape.

What is the secret envelope in Breath of the Wild? ›

The Classified Envelope is a key item found in Breath of the Wild. It can be obtained by completing the Hyrule Compendium and then speaking with Symin, who will gift Link the envelope. It currently has no use other than bragging rights.

Do you get anything for 100% Breath of the Wild? ›

100% on the map screen gets you nothing (except the armor you got for the shrines). Completing all side and/or shrine quests gets you nothing.

What unlocks after beating Ganon? ›

After defeating Calamity Ganon, Kilton offers Link the opportunity to receive Medals of Honor. There are three Medals of Honor, and each is obtained after Link defeats every iteration of a specific sub-boss.

How to find the secret clubs secret? ›

To gain entrance, you need a secret password known only to members. It seems that once you give the wrong password, you won't be able to try again for an entire day. You discovered the secret password. The password is "GSC♦."

Does the radiant armor do anything? ›

The radiant armor set

Once you start upgrading it, though, things get more interesting. The radiant set has two set bonuses: Disguise, which lets you walk among stals without getting attacked right away, and bone attack up, which increases your damage with bone weapons.

What is the black stuff in Breath of the Wild? ›

Malice is an enemy substance and obstacle in Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity. It is a black and magenta substance found throughout the four dungeons of the Divine Beasts, Hyrule Castle, and various assorted locations across Hyrule.

How do you get the motorcycle in Breath of the Wild? ›

The Master Cycle Zero is an item that Link acquires in Breath of the Wild as part of The Champions' Ballad. It closely resembles a motorcycle, but is adorned in many Sheikah markings. It is the reward given for defeating Monk Maz Koshia, the boss of the Final Trial Divine Beast.

What do you get for unlocking all memories in Breath of the Wild? ›

Doing so will cause Link to see the final memory. After finding any one of the memories, return to Impa in Kakariko Village and she will reward you with the Blue Champion Tunic.


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