Asta online game review (2023)

ASTA Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG based on Asian mythology, where players embark on missions to thwart the conspiracies of evil forces in Asian-inspired landscapes and dungeons inhabited by dangerous creatures and huge bosses.


ASTA online overview

Embark on a quest to save the mythical land of Samsara from the wrath of an evil god in ASTA Online, a 3D fantasy MMORPG inspired by Asian legends and myths. Choose from six races, divided into two warring factions, and choose from five playable classes, each with their own subclasses. Travel to the furthest reaches of Samsara in the service of your faction and explore a rich and vibrant world full of unique creatures from Asian mythology, explore vast dungeons, and fight huge monsters and bosses. Experience hard-hitting faction-based open-world PvP, or fight in controlled environments on battlefields and arenas. Asta Online shut down on October 4, 2016, but relaunched on April 26, 2017 via Move Games on Steam.

Main features of ASTA Online:

  • Asian inspired MMORPG –Travel through a world filled with Asian architecture and mobs inspired by Asian myths and legends.
  • Dynamic Quests –Accept quests that appear automatically when you enter certain areas.
  • Two warring factions –Choose one of two factions that live on different continents with a vast ocean between them. Expect fast-paced open-world PvP when the two factions finally collide.
  • Giant Bosses -Take on giant elite monsters and bosses that can prove challenging even when they announce their attack.
  • Mount and Pet System –Get unique pets and mounts, from adorable kittens and squirrels to angry-looking dragons and warbirds.
  • treasure hunt -Join the ranks of treasure hunters and search throughout Samsara to find hidden treasures containing unique and powerful items.

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Asta Online Gameplay First Look HD –


ASTA online courses

Krieger –a melee class with balanced offensive and defensive abilities. They can carry a variety of weapons and wear heavy armor.

villain -A melee class that can quickly take down single targets by using stealth, targeting enemy weak points and using poisons.

archer -An adept at staying out of sight and taking out enemies from afar. They can knock back enemies that get too close.

magician -A powerful ranged class that can harness the power of nature to deal massive damage to enemies. Asu Mages are adept at Fire and Lightning spells, while Ora mages prefer Dark and Ice spells.

healer –a support class that can harness the energy around them to heal their allies, even from a distance. They can also deal ongoing damage to enemies and buff themselves and their allies.

Factions and Races:

Asu –a faction that believes in the goddess Arita, the Wheel of Life, and Nirvana. On the continent of the same name, Arita woke up when she was banished from heaven.

  • People– a smart and gentle breed with no special skills, but with hard work and discipline they can adapt to anything. People can play in any of the five classes.
  • Drakonier– a warlike race with a distinct dragon-like appearance. They are proud to be the descendants of the Sapphire Dragon. Draconians can only play as warriors and can only create male characters.
  • Tigerianer -a smart and cheerful breed despite their animalistic appearance. They have mastered the art of assassination and ambush. Tigerians only have access to the Rogue and Archer classes.

Ora –a faction that arose from Umra, the god of death, who was separated from Arita's essence when she was thrown from the sky.

  • People -He looks human, but couldn't be more different from the Asu humans. Their absolute trust in the Onyx Dragon and their strict hierarchy leaves them no room for love. Like Asu, Ora humans have access to all classes.
  • Lov -a race with a natural aptitude for fighting and governed by the simple principle of taking what they want and destroying what they don't. Dokas can only play as warriors and rogues, and can only create male characters.
  • It is -a dignified race that considers itself children of dreams and stars. Yayos have access to the Mage and Healer classes.

Full review

Asta online review

By Marc Marasigan

ASTA Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG set in the mythical world of Samsara, a world based on Asian mythology. Samsara was split into two continents when its inhabitants rose up against the gods and lost. Each of the continents is now inhabited by a number of races, divided into two factions and since then at odds with each other.

The game runs on CryEngine 3 and features stunning graphics as well as rich, detailed and vibrant Asian-inspired environments. The optics are at eye levelTERA, but not what I would expect from a 2016 MMORPG running on CryEngine 3. The background music is generic at best, and the voice acting and NPCs are constantly recycled throughout the game. One small detail I like is that Asta has cute sound effects for simple things like opening menus or dragging and dropping items from the hotbar, which are usually overlooked in most MMOs.

Faction before Bl... Um, wrong story

Players begin by choosing between one of two factions, Asu or Ora. Players then choose one of the three available races per faction before choosing their class, which is race dependent. Humans available to both factions have access to all classes, while the remaining classes only have access to one or two. How this affects faction balance is yet to be seen. Once players have chosen their faction, race, and class, they can begin customizing their characters. ASTA Online offers players plenty of customization options, not as extensive as TERA or Black Desert, but still enough to create a relatively unique character.

Fallen heroes

After creating their characters, players are treated to a short cutscene showing the heroes of samsara rising up against the gods, eventually leading to thisthe corporate departmenttheir world into two hostile factions and continents. As part of this rebellion, players are thrown onto one of the continents with no memory of the events that led to their deaths. Players start on different continents depending on the faction they choose, corresponding to Horde and AllianceWorld of Warcraft. The continents are mirror images of each other, but have different environments: the Asu continent is lush and vibrant, while the Ora continent is dark and gloomy. Once players have been transported to their respective starting zones, gameplay is relatively the same for both factions.

Well, that sounds familiar

ASTA Online plays and feels like any other MMORPG like World of Warcraft, with significantly better graphics. No wonder considering the game has been dubbed the "Asian World of Warcraft". Every aspect of the game reminds me of WoW, from the tutorial quests to the combat, dungeons, and even the PvP system setup.

From the starting zone, players complete a series of tutorial tasks given by the locals before venturing into the wide world of Samsara, following the story that requires the completion of several quests. These quests are mostly kill and collect quests, with dynamic quests occasionally added to add variety. Dynamic quests are triggered by entering areas and can be completed alone or with the help of other nearby players. Cooperation with other players is the best way to tackle the task, unless you want to kill 50 mobs and an elite monster on your own. Successful completion of the mission rewards players with experience points and crates containing above-average equipment.

Asta's controls are similar to World of Warcraft. Players use the WASD keys to move and the hotbar to throw skills. And like WoW, ASTA uses the tab targeting system typically used by older MMORPGs. This type of combat might have been the norm a few years ago, but now it feels a bit dull and monotonous, especially compared to newer titles in the genre, which tend to favor the more action-packed real-time aiming system.

Progress, skills and talents

Game progress is relatively fast. Players can easily reach level 10 in about an hour of gameplay as long as they stick to the quests that provide the majority of the game's experience points. Each level reached rewards players with stat points that can be awarded across four attributes: Attack, Vitality, Hit Power (which affects Critical Rate), and Energy (which determines MP cast time). Skills are automatically unlocked and level up by leveling up, meaning players will have pretty much every skill in their arsenal once they hit the level cap - currently set at level 30. Additionally, similar to WoW, players get , access to two talent trees when they reach level 10, which allow them to customize their characters' abilities to suit their playstyle using talent points they earn from level 10.


ASTA Online's PvP system is very similar to World of Warcraft. A variety of PvP options are available to players: faction-based PvP in the open world, duels, solo arenas, team arenas, and battlegrounds. Players wishing to engage in faction-based PvP simply face off against one or more members or a raid from the opposing faction. Duels can be started anywhere in Samsara except in cities and some safe zones. Arenas and Battlegrounds, on the other hand, require players to queue using the Battleground and Arena Finder. Unfortunately, after more than an hour of waiting in line, I still haven't experienced both PvP modes. Either there aren't enough players or they just aren't interested in PvP.

Cashier Shop

ASTA Online's cash shop is one of the few free-to-play cash shops that manages to keep free-play and paying players relatively equal. Nevertheless, players who are willing to spend money on the game still reap some benefits. In addition to cosmetic items that make their characters stand out, players can also purchase pets that automatically collect loot and mounts that are 50% faster than those normally found in the game. Soul Gems, a premium currency, can also be used to purchase items used to craft and upgrade equipment. These soul gems can be bought with real money, but can also be earned by completing certain quests. However, it may take a while to accumulate enough stones.

The final verdict: Good

ASTA Online is a solid game with great graphics, a unique story and all the features that make a good MMORPG. However, the game is very similar to World of Warcraft, with the only difference being that it has an Asian theme. Well, there's nothing wrong with trying to copy one of the best MMORPGs of all time, and many other MMOs have done the same, but WoW's grindey spam gameplay is starting to show its age. It could have been better for the game to focus on action-oriented combat like more modern MMORPGs. As it stands, ASTA Online could still appeal to a select group of players, but withblade and soulAndBlack Desert onlineNot to mention TERA looming over their shoulders will be a pretty small group.


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Asta online videos

ASTA | New fantasy MMORPG | Official first beta trailer

System requirements

Asta Online System Requirements

Minimum requirements:

Operating system:Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3,2 GHz / AMD Athlon64 3200+
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT or ATI Radeon X1600 XT
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard disk space: 15 GB

Recommended requirements:

Operativsystem: Windows 7, Windows 8
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ eller INTEL Core 2 Duo E6750
Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 3870 or NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GT
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard disk space: 15 GB


Asta online music and soundtrack


More info

Additional information about Asta Online

Developer:polygon game
Game engine:CryEngine 3
Composer:Yang Bang-ean aka Kunihiko Ryo

Korean Open Beta:October 2013
Korean closing date:23. august 2015
Global closed beta: Q4 2015


Korea:NHN Hangame
Depth: ChangYou
Global:WebZen / Move game

North America/EU Open Beta:2. marts 2016

Release date:2. marts 2016

Closing date:4. October 2016

Relaunch-Datum (Move Games):26. april 2017

Extinguish:8. december 2017

Development history/background:

Development of ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds began in 2010 by South Korean studio Polygon Games. During its long development cycle, it was highly anticipated and heralded as the "WoW of the East". The CryEngine 3-based game was also heavily promoted by Crytek. After several delays, ASTA entered open beta in its open space in late 2013 and saw several updates, but failed to find a large audience. Major updates were discontinued after December 2013, and the Korean version was finally discontinued on August 23, 2015. Just three days earlier, WebZena announced its plans to release ASTA Online in the West.

The game entered closed beta on November 3, 2015, and was originally scheduled for an open beta release in January 2016 due to delays in voice acting, translation, and some technical aspects of the game. Finally, on March 2, 2016, ASTA Online went into open beta and was released the same day.

The game was discontinued on October 4, 2016, after failing to garner a large enough player base to support operations.

Asta was relaunched on April 26, 2017 via Move Games on Steam, but shut down again shortly thereafter on December 8, 2017.


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