Best Alpha Brain Alternatives: Boost Your Brain Power With These Nootropic Supplements (2023)

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Cognitive functioning is critical to many aspects of life. They are necessary not only for work and school, but for any situation that requires your attention.

Whether it's razor-sharp focus, razor-sharp memory, or brilliant creativity, it's safe to say that many people are interested in improving cognitive performance and optimizing brain performance.

This is one of the reasons why nootropic supplements are so popular today.

Apart from that, not allnootropic supplementis created immediately. As a holistic health practitioner and researcher, I have researched dozens of nootropic supplements and can tell you which are the best based on their ingredient profiles, dosages, safety practices, testing procedures, and more.

One of the most famous nootropic supplements is Onnit's Alpha Brain. This supplement claims to improve mental focus and put users in a state of flow for peak performance.

However, it's certainly not perfect. You may be looking for an Alpha Brain alternative that has a higher dosage, has better ingredients, or is cheaper.

Whatever your reason for wanting an Alpha Brain alternative, this article has you covered. I'm going to go through all the top Alpha Brain alternatives and tell you which is the best.

At the end you can see which nootropic is best for your needs.

About the alpha brain

Onnit Alpha Brain is a nootropic supplement specifically designed to improve memory, mental speed, focus, and other cognitive functions.

This caffeine-free nootropic contains a blend of herbal extracts, amino acids, and other compounds that are said to work synergistically to optimize mental functions.

Components of the alpha brain

Alpha Brain contains several different nootropic ingredients:

  • Onnit Flow Blend™
    • L-Tyrosin
    • L-Theanin
    • Oat Straw Extract
    • Phosphatidylserin
  • cat's claw extract
  • Onnit Focus Blend™
    • Alfa-GPC
    • Bacope-Extrakt
    • Toothed Club Moss Extract
  • Onnit™ fuel blend
    • L-Leucine
    • pterostilbeno
  • Vitamin B6

Pros and Cons of the Alpha Brain

Best Alpha Brain Alternatives: Boost Your Brain Power With These Nootropic Supplements (1)

As we detailed in our Alpha Brain Review, this supplement has several advantages, but also a multitude of disadvantages.

The positive aspects of Alpha Brain are:

  • It uses multiple clinically researched ingredients.
  • Caffeine free
  • Effective dosage of cat's claw extract
  • Dairy, gluten and nut free.
  • paleo, keto friendly
  • Third party tested

However, some of the negative aspects of this supplement are:

  • Uses proprietary blends
  • Several ingredients are underdosed
  • quite high price
  • possible side effects

Benefits of the Alpha Brain

Taking Alpha Brain has several potential health benefits. Depending on the ingredients, Alpha Brain could improve processing speed, improve focus, reduce stress, increase memory, improve mood, and activate the "flow state" which is vital for performance.

Alpha Brain may be able to raise variousNeurotransmitter(brain chemicals) involved in cognitive functions, such as acetylcholine, dopamine, and serotonin.

Additionally, it can increase alpha brainwave states, which promotes calm focus.

Alpha Brain Side Effects

Alpha Brain has been linked to various side effects among some buyers. Some users have reported nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, flushing, sweating, and increased heart rate.

This is one of the reasons why you might want to look for an Alpha Brain alternative, although certainly not everyone experiences these issues.

Cost of the Alpha Brain

Onnit Alpha Brain is available in a bottle of 30 (15 servings) or 90 (45 servings).

  • 30 units
    • One-time purchase: $34.95 ($2.33/serving)
    • Subscribe and Save: $29.71 ($1.98)
  • 90 units
    • One-time purchase: $79.95 ($1.78/serving)
    • Subscribe and save: $67.96 ($1.51/serving)

You can save quite a bit with a subscription, but all options still cost over $1.50 per serving.

Why Consider Alpha Brain Alternatives?

There are several reasons why you might look for Alpha Brain alternatives. Firstly, it is always good to compare supplements as it increases the likelihood that you will find a product that is best for you.

With so many nootropics out there, it's worth investing the time and effort to find out which one best suits your unique brain chemistry, personality, etc.

You may also be looking for an alternative to Alpha Brain that has a better formula. For example, you might want better ingredients, higher dosages, and/or a product with no proprietary blends.

The third is the cost. You may be looking for an Alpha Brain alternative that is more affordable for you.

How to choose the right Alpha Brain alternative for you

The right Alpha Brain alternative for you is the one that matches your goals, desires, and preferences. Additionally, it must adhere to universal standards of quality, safety, and best practices, no matter how "effective" it claims to be.

In general, you want an alternative that contains well-researched ingredients, uses clinically effective dosages, and improves the specific cognitive functions you're trying to improve. This is often written on the label with keywords like "memory booster", "improve focus", "increase energy", etc.

Of course, you must provide the correct ingredients to back up these claims.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Nootropic Supplement

There are several things to consider before purchasing any Alpha Brain alternatives, or any nootropic supplement for that matter.

Sure, all nootropic supplements are generally designed to improve cognitive function and brain power. But there are several factors that influence your purchasing decision, such as:

  • your goals and needs
  • the ingredients
  • Dose
  • quality and safety aspects
  • Cost
  • Refund warranty
  • medical appointment

your goals and needs

Best Alpha Brain Alternatives: Boost Your Brain Power With These Nootropic Supplements (2)

Improving cognitive performance is a fairly general goal. Therefore, it is important to consider what specific goals and needs you have.

For example, you might want to improve your memory, improve your processing speed, concentrate more, or increase alertness.

Keeping these goals and needs in mind can make it easier for you to find a suitable supplement that works best for you.

the ingredients

From there, you can consider the ingredient profile of a nootropic supplement to ensure it meets your needs and your goals.

There are dozens of well-researched ingredients that have positive effects on cognitive performance. I did the research for you, so in a minute I'll share with you which products have evidence-based ingredients and are most likely to work.


The dosage of the ingredients is just as important as the specific ingredients contained. After all, it may have the widest variety of ingredients in the world, but it won't do much good if dosed at a fraction of what's required.

For this reason, it is important to choose nootropics that dose full (or very close to) the evidence-based doses used in clinical trials.

quality and safety aspects

The dietary supplement industry is not as tightly regulated as prescription drugs, so it's even more important to be aware of quality and safety issues.

Look for products that are third-party tested and manufactured in GMP-certified and FDA-approved facilities (or other relevant government agency, depending on the country you live in).

There are also several safety aspects to consider, such as: B. the use of allergens, artificial ingredients or other compounds that you cannot consume for whatever reason.

For example, do you need something gluten-free? vegan? Non dairy? Free from artificial preservatives?

Refund warranty

Investing your money in a nootropic might seem like a gamble, especially if you've never tried one and don't know how it works.

This is why I always say to choose supplements that come with a money back guarantee. This gives you more peace of mind and allows you to try a dietary supplement essentially risk-free.

Alpha Brain Alternatives

Finally, it's time to go through the best Alpha Brain alternatives. I'll cover eight unique nootropic supplements.

While I think these are all worthy candidates, I'll also let you know which one is the best at the end.

Read on to find out which is the best.

1. Bulletproof Unfair Advantage

Bulletproof Unfair Advantage is advertised as a jitter-free supplement to provide clean, pure energy to the brain and body. The formula aims to target the mitochondria (energy producers in the cells) to boost your energy from within.


Unfair Advantage contains only three main ingredients, namely Brain Octane® MCT Oil, CoQ10 and Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ).

CoQ10 and PQQ were designed to work together to deliverantioxidant supportand improve energy production. Then there's Brain Octane® MCT Oil, a healthy source of fat for sustained brain energy.

price comparison

Bulletproof Unfair Advantage retails for $59.95 for 30 servings ($2 per serving), although you can save 30% with the Subscribe & Save option. That brings the cost down to $41.97 ($1.40/serving). It's generally slightly cheaper per serving compared to Alpha Brain.


  • Caffeine free
  • Good mix of healthy ingredients.
  • Rated moderate
  • Vegan
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • Manufactured in a GMP certified and FDA registered facility.

In contrast

  • Only three active ingredients
  • It can get pretty expensive depending on how much you take
  • It doesn't have many common nootropic ingredients.

2. Rein organifi

Organifi Pure is a special blend of superfoods designed to protect the brain and improve cognitive performance. It is designed to stimulate brain cell growth, reduce brain damage and optimize the gut-brain axis for better physical and mental function.


Organifi Pure's formula includes a selection of key cognitive enhancers such as:Lion's Mane Mushroomand coffee fruit extract. These are said to reduce stress, increase energy and protect the brain from damage.

Additionally, it contains prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants like aloe vera to improve gut and brain function and overall well-being.

price comparison

Organifi Pure is a bit pricey at $69.95 for 30 servings ($2.33/serving), but you can save 10% with a subscription, bringing the cost down to $62.96 ($2.10/serving). Overall, it's pretty similar in price to Alpha Brain.


  • USDA Organic, Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free, Glyphosate Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free
  • on a plant basis
  • Manufactured in a GMP certified and FDA registered facility.
  • Several powerful compounds for brain health
  • Contains superfoods
  • Caffeine free
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • You can buy it in travel or boat packages

In contrast

  • Uses proprietary blends
  • Priced at the higher end
  • There aren't many "pure" nootropic ingredients out there

3. Professional mind lab

Best Alpha Brain Alternatives: Boost Your Brain Power With These Nootropic Supplements (3)

Another popular alternative to Alpha Brain is Mind Lab Pro, which is one of the most well-known nootropics out there.

Mind Lab Pro claims to be the best all-in-one nootropic formula in the world. It consists of 11 research-backed and ethically-sourced ingredients designed to unleash your peak cognitive performance. It does this by increasing many neurotransmitters and other aspects of brain function.


The Mind Lab Pro formula hasCiticoline, Lion's Mane Mushroom, Phosphatidylserine,Bacopa, Rhodiola, Tyrosin, Seekiefernrindenextrakt,L-Theanin,and vitamins B6, B9 and B12.

Together, these ingredients are advertised as increasing levels of acetylcholine, serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and other neurotransmitters. They may also increase cerebral blood flow, protect the brain from inflammation, and support brain cell growth.

All in all, Mind Lab Pro can increase focus, improve memory, improve alertness, balance mood, and promote mental clarity, among other things.

price comparison

A month's supply (60 caps) of Mind Lab Pro costs $69 ($2.30/serving), but you can save money by purchasing three bottles to get one free for a total of $207 ($1.73/serving). Portion). The usual price is similar to Alpha Brain, although Mind Lab Pro has more ingredients, so it might be a more effective alternative to Alpha Brain.


  • fully transparent label
  • Several well-researched nootropic ingredients
  • Gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, caffeine-free
  • big savings
  • Without additives
  • Third party tested
  • Validated by the Clean Label Project
  • Capsules for easy absorption.
  • 100% plant-based, vegan
  • Manufactured in a GMP certified and FDA registered facility.

In contrast

  • Highest price
  • Some ingredients are slightly underdosed

4. Timeless Brain

Best Alpha Brain Alternatives: Boost Your Brain Power With These Nootropic Supplements (4)

Ageless Brain is advertised as a complete brain health supplement that helps keep the brain healthy and fit. It's packed with eight ingredients sourced straight from the Amazon rainforest, all designed to target various key cognitive processes to improve mental function.


Each dose of Ageless Brain contains Camu Camu,Katzenklaue, bacopa, cinnamon, pau d'arco, cocoa, dragon's blood resin and guayusa.

Many of these ingredients are characterized by theirantioxidantand anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce brain damage and protect your mental health.

Additionally, these exotic compounds are touted as a means to strengthen brain connections, reduce brain fog, improve mood, and improve mental clarity.

Ultimately, Ageless Brain can help keep your brain sharp, focused, and damage-free as you age.

price comparison

Each bottle of Ageless Brain has 30 servings (60 capsules) and costs $54.95 for a one-time purchase ($1.83/serving) or $46.71 ($1.56/serving) with the "Subscribe & Save" option . You can also buy two, three, or six bottles at a time to save even more money.

With that in mind, Ageless Brain is a cheaper alternative to Alpha Brain, but it also uses a proprietary blend, making it harder to gauge its full value.


  • Rated Moderate; great savings
  • NSF Third Party Tested
  • No GMO
  • Various herbs that improve health
  • Tested free of pesticides, glyphosate and heavy metals
  • No artificial preservatives, additives, colors or fillers.
  • Sin gluten, sin soy
  • paleo friendly
  • Vegan
  • No yeast, starch, sodium or sugar.
  • One year money back guarantee

In contrast

  • All ingredients are in a proprietary blend.
  • Some well-known nootropic boosters are absent

5. Mind Lab Achievement

Another of the Alpha Brain alternatives that comes up quite often is Performance Lab Mind. This modern day nootropic claims to be unique in that it is the only one that can simultaneously improve cognitive function and help you recover from strenuous mental exertion.


Performance Lab Mind keeps it simple with its formula. They use three proprietary forms of Citicoline,Phosphatidylserin, jTyrosine, and maritime pine bark extract.

Together, these ingredients are designed to increase acetylcholine, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters; increasing blood flow to the brain; improving energy production in the brain; and improve the reparative processes of the brain.

In terms of cognitive performance, Performance Lab Mind claims to improve learning and memory, aid in concentration, and increase mental resilience during stressful tasks.

When taken daily, this supplement is said to promote long-term brain health, optimize cerebral circulation and give you a clean boost of energy without crashing.

price comparison

Each bottle of Performance Lab Mind has 30 servings (30 capsules) that typically cost $69 ($2.30/serving). You get the same price per serving when you buy a two-month supply. But with a three-month supply, you get a fourth month free for a total cost of $207 ($1.73/serving).

Performance Lab Mind's price is similar to Alpha Brain, but it may contain higher doses of some key ingredients.


  • Good mix of clinically active compounds
  • suitable for vegans
  • big savings
  • Free from soy, egg, shellfish, dairy, wheat and other allergens.
  • Free shipping on a two or three month supply
  • Caffeine free
  • Manufactured in a GMP certified and FDA registered facility.
  • Easily digestible capsules
  • Free from synthetic additives

In contrast

  • Just four ingredients; other troops are lost
  • Some ingredients are underdosed
  • quite high price

6. Hunter's Focus

Best Alpha Brain Alternatives: Boost Your Brain Power With These Nootropic Supplements (5)

Hunter Focus is a high potency nootropic that claims to be the highest dose and most potent nootropic available. Focus is blended with naturally derived ingredients designed to unlock your cognitive potential and improve all brain activity.


There are 20 active ingredients in Hunter Focus. Some of the best are Tyrosine, Lion's Mane Mushroom, Bacopa,Ashwagandha, Theanin, Citicolin, Ginkgo,Caffeine, rhodiola and panax ginseng. All of these are claimed to have higher dosages than most other nootropics out there.

The unique combination of ingredients in Hunter Focus can lead to many actions in the brain. These include improved neural connections, increases in various brain chemicals like serotonin and acetylcholine, and increased blood flow to the brain.

In return, Hunter Focus can increase energy, improve mood, improve memory, and improve focus.reduces stressand optimize numerous cognitive functions.

price comparison

Each bottle of Hunter Focus contains 30 servings (180 capsules). The regular price for a month's supply is a bit steep at $90 ($3/serving). However, you can get a free bottle when you buy three bottles at a time for a total supply of $270 ($2.25/serving) for four months.

Hunter Focus is significantly more expensive than Alpha Brain. However, keep in mind that it offers several more ingredients, has fully transparent dosages, and offers volume savings as well.


  • Many clinically proven nootropics
  • big savings
  • fully transparent label
  • Effective doses of Theanine, Ashwagandha, Bacopa and others
  • Manufactured in GMP certified and FDA approved facilities.
  • Gluten free and soy free
  • Contains no preservatives or synthetic substances.
  • Non-GMO certified
  • 30 days right of return (for USA/Canada)

In contrast

  • You need to take six capsules a day.
  • UK only/Rest of World 14 day return policy
  • The new price is very high.

7. Noocubo

Noocube is advertised as an all-in-one daily nootropic formula for people with deadlines and lots of commitments. Developed in part by European neuroscientists, this formula contains 13 science-based cognitive enhancers.

The Noocube formula is made for women and men of all ages, whether you're a busy parent, high-achiever college student, athlete, entrepreneur, or grandparent-to-be.


Noocube contains a blend of herbal extracts, amino acids and vitamins. The formula is highlighted by an ingredient called Lutemax® 2020 that containscarotenoids and antioxidantsbeneficial for memory, attention and processing speed.

But there are a dozen other ingredients that may also have benefits, such as bacopa,Huperzina A, Pterostilbeno, Resveratrol, Teanina,alfa-GPC, and cat's claw.

These ingredients work together to reduce oxidative stress in the brain, increase neurotransmitters,improve calming brain wave states,and improve brain connectivity.

Ultimately, Noocube can help you achieve sharp focus, increased attention span, and better memory. Not to mention that it can also reduce stress, improve your mood, and even reduce mental fatigue from staring at screens all day.

price comparison

Each bottle of Noocube contains 30 servings (60 capsules). A 30-day supply costs $59.99 ($2/serving), but you can save money by purchasing a three- or five-month supply. A three month supply is $119.99 ($1.33/serving) and a five month supply is $179.99 ($1.20/serving).

These prices make Noocube a cheaper alternative to Alpha Brain. And it also has more ingredients and probably higher dosages, adding even more value to it.


  • Lots of research-backed ingredients
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Save big with bulk options
  • Free Shipping
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Caffeine free
  • Manufactured in GMP certified and FDA approved facilities
  • Good doses of Theanine, Lutemax® and other ingredients

In contrast

  • High price for some people
  • Low doses of some ingredients.
  • Contains grains, gluten and soy.

8. Brain Pill

The last Alpha Brain alternative I will cover is BrainPill. This nootropic is specifically aimed at people looking to combat memory loss and cognitive decline.

BrainPill is formulated with all-natural ingredients that stimulate brain cell function, increase acetylcholine, improve cerebral blood flow, and protect the brain from inflammatory damage.


One of the main ingredients advertised is Cognizin®, which is a form of citicolineimprove learning and memory.But several other compounds are included in BrainPill such as Bacopa, Huperzine A, Vinpocetine, Ginkgo, B Vitamins and DHA.

These ingredients can serve to improve your recall and memory, improve focus, reduce stress, and keep you highly productive even as you age.

price comparison

Each BrainPill packet contains 30 servings (60 capsules). A month's supply is $47.97 ($1.60/serving). This is significantly lower than Alpha Brain, but they don't offer discounts for bulk purchases.


  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Formulated with well researched ingredients
  • Manufactured in a GMP certified and FDA approved facility.
  • Effective dose of theanine and bacopa
  • You only need to take two capsules.

In contrast

  • Einige Inhaltsstoffe sind zu niedrig dosiert
  • Ambiguous information on allergens
  • No bulk savings

Alpha Brain vs Alpha Brain Modafinil

There are many nootropic supplements that can serve as suitable Alpha Brain alternatives. Aside from that, I also wanted to compare Alpha Brain to a prescription drug called Modafinil.

Modafinil is a central nervous system stimulant designed to improve wakefulness in people with narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. That being said, it is also reportedly used to improve cognitive function in healthy people.

The table below compares Alpha Brain vs Modafinil to give you an idea of ​​what is best for you.

Product:alpha brainModafinil
mechanisms of actionIncrease acetylcholine. Increase production of alpha waves. Improve nervous system communication. Increase dopamine and norepinephrineStimulates the central nervous system Increases dopamine May increase glutamate and other excitatory chemicals
IngredientsConsisting of herbal extracts, amino acids and natural compounds (e.g. theanine, tyrosine, alpha-GPC, huperzine A, bacopa)Modafinil (a drug)
Dosage and AdministrationTwo capsules with a light meal, preferably in the morningUsually a 200mg tablet taken in the morning
Cost$34.95 for 15 days (regular price)About $217 for 20 tablets

What is the best alternative to Alpha Brain?

With so many possible Alpha Brain alternatives, it's not the time to decide which is the best.

I made this decision based on many important factors, including ingredient potency, total ingredient count, dosages, safety and quality considerations, and value.

Considering all this, Hunter Focus is the best Alpha Brain alternative.

Now I want you to know right away that this contains 100mg of caffeine. So if you don't want caffeine, I would pick Noocube or Mind Lab Pro as the best options.

But for everyone else, Hunter Focus is the best option. Hunter Focus contains the most nootropic ingredients of any other product.

And most importantly, it is the best dosed product. For example, it contains 200 mg theanine, 300 mg ashwagandha, 500 mg tyrosine and 500 mg lion's mane.

All ingredients are fully presented in a transparent label. And the wide variety of ingredients makes it potentially beneficial for many cognitive/mental functions, including attention, memory, energy, focus, and mood enhancement.

last recommendation

This article should have put an end to your search for a quality Alpha Brain alternative.

Well, all of the nootropic supplements here are valuable in their own right and serve as effective alpha brain alternatives.

You've seen how these supplements can increase many aspects of cognitive function and improve brain performance.

With this in mind, Hunter Focus's selection of many research-backed ingredients, quality sourcing, effective dosages, and long list of potential benefits sets it apart from the rest.

So while every nootropic mentioned here can work, Hunter Focus seems to be the best alternative to Onnit Alpha Brain.

You can click to buy Hunter FocusHereto see if your mental function is improving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything better than Alpha Brain?

There are several nootropics that could be better alternatives to Alpha Brain. Some products have fully transparent labels, higher dosages, and more ingredients overall. Three of the best are Mind Lab Pro, Hunter Focus, and NooCube.

Is Mind Lab Pro or Alpha Brain better?

Both Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain are high quality nootropic supplements. That being said, Mind Lab Pro has a totally transparent label, likely higher dosages, and more ingredients overall.

Does Onnit Alpha Brain really work?

Onnit Alpha Brain contains evidence-based ingredients that may improve cognitive functions such as concentration and memory. The problem is that most of them come in proprietary blends, making it difficult to determine the potential effects.

What is the best brain supplement?

The best brain supplement depends on your individual goals, needs, and preferences. Apart from that, some brain supplements stand out for their superior formulation, dosage, quality and other aspects. Hunter Focus is one of the best brain supplements that meets these criteria.

Are Nootropic Supplements Effective?

Individual results will vary with nootropics. Some people experience tremendous increases in focus, alertness, alertness, energy, and memory, while some shoppers feel nothing.

Purchasing quality nootropics like the ones in this article is a good place to start to increase the chance that you will receive benefits.

Are Brain Supplements Safe?

The safety of brain supplements depends on the ingredients used, dosages, and quality and safety testing. Look for third-party tested supplements that are manufactured in FDA-approved, GMP-certified facilities that use clinically researched ingredients and are allergen-free.

Are Nootropic Supplements FDA Approved?

No. Nootropics are not FDA approved. That being said, the quality products are manufactured in FDA approved facilities.

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