Commands - gd-edit docs (2023)

The things that make the editor work!

A command-line program usually provides several "low-level" commands. You can chain multiple commands together and change/edit things any way you want.

Then! If somehow you can't find onesinglecommand that does exactly what you want, you probably want to split this task into multiple commands and run them one at a time.

To use

If something in the documentation starts to seem gibberish, don't worry! The explanations are there for the sake of completeness. You can use the editor perfectly without knowing all the essential details!

basic commands


Look for your data in your file saved as a directory path.


If you can see the field using "show", you can change the field using "set".


display <field path>


show inventory bagsshows the contents of the field "inventory-bags"

show invoicedisplays the contents of the only field corresponding to "inv", which is "inventory-sacks"

show inv/0shows the contents of the first inventory

display inv/0/itemsshow all items in first inventory

show inv/0/items/4shows the fifth item in the first inventory


The character file contains a lot of binary data that is often difficult to exploit. This command allows you to browse the contents of the file almost as if you were browsing directories.

Each path component in the path field must be separated by a '/'.

Partial Field Game

Each component is also used to partially match potential fields.

For example, "em" will correspond to "level-em-bio", "sheme", "skill-poemts" and much more.

As long as the component uniquely identifies a single field and the field is a collection, the editor allows you to continue to navigate deeper into the data hierarchy by chaining additional field components together.


domain:to place

Define fields in saved file


define <field path> <new value here> define <field path to inventory item> <item name> <optional character level> define <field path to inventory item collection> <item name > <optional character level>


iron game 1000000gives your character 1,000,000 iron for all your purchases

set character name Mortychange your character name to Morty

set inv/0/items "holy hammer of eternal wrath"puts a new luxury item in your inventory


The 'set' command is actually 2 commands in 1.

value settings

set <field path> <new value here>

If the field path refers to a real value such as: integer, floats, strings and booleans. It will simply set the value to the new value you provided. It will do its best to force the entered value into the correct type.

item creation
define <field path to inventory item> <item name> <optional character level> define <field path to inventory item collection> <item name> <optional character level>

If the field path refers to an element or a collection of elements, the editor will try to generate an element that matches theyou entered. The editor does this by looking at the affixes available in the game. When possible, it will use "legal" affixes for the requested base item.

(Video) Coding the GD Editor in a Spreadsheet

If you have given the editor a collection of items, such as 'inv/0/items', it will try to find some empty space in the inventory to place the item.

The editor needs access to the game database for item creation to work. If the editor throws an error during item creation, you probably need to set the game directory correctly.



Find/locate an item, equipment, skills, devotions and factions by name.


find <partial name>


find tonicFind any item containing the word tonic

find "Maiven's Protection Sphere"Find a specific skill by name


There may be a lot of data in your character file. Although the editor allows you to edit any element field by field, it is difficult to find the element you want to edit in the first place.

HemeetThe command solves this problem by searching all the data in the file and printing the location of things that partially match the entered name. It is then possible to use other commands to make specific edits.

For example, if you're low on health potions, you can do:

> find tonicRepair tonic: inventory-sacks/0/inventory-items/0 > set inventory-sacks/0/inventory-items/0/stack count 99

In this example, we first enter the item for the repair tonic, then change the stack count so that we have 99 on the stack.


domain:exchange variant

Switch between variants of an element's base name, prefix, or suffix


swap-variant <path to element> swap-variant <path to element> basenameswap-variant <path to element> prefix swap-variant <path to element> suffix


swap variant weapon sets/0/items/0Change the currently equipped weapon's base/item name


The editor 'set' command can be used to generate elements. However, it doesn't let you choose the exact variant you want. For example, the legendary "Ravager's Dreadgaze" helmet has 3 different variants, each with very different enhancements. When the 'set' command generates that element, you really don't know which one you want specifically.

exchange variantsolves this problem by allowing you to customize the element after the element is generated. The command can take care of changing the base element (base name), prefix or suffix.

When the command is executed, it searches the game's database for items/affixes with the same name and presents the found items in an on-screen menu. The menu works the same as the character selection menu when the editor is first started. You can make your selection by typing a number and pressing enter.

The editor will try to display only "interesting" fields in the element/attachment. In this case, "interesting" means fields that are unique among all variants. This means that the menu will not present the full list of buffs for the item/affix. But you must provide enough information to make it possible to choose the desired variant.


domain:to write

Writes the character that is currently loaded


writewrite <new character name>


to writewrites the currently loaded character. It's always backed up first so you can try to roll back to a previous save file if something goes wrong. If you've changed the "character name" at any time, the editor will also move your save files into the appropriate directory so the game can find them.


While the editor does his best to trynoreaching your save file, it would be wise to make regular backups on your own,I know by chance.

write <new character name>writes a new copy of the loaded character after renaming the character.



Load from a saved file




This is a strange command. This is the only command that will take you to a different menu. It will actually download your current character, if any, and show you the character select menu.

You probably expected the command to look likeload <character name>This isn't really ideal because:

  • It is possible that you have multiple saveirs set up and they have a character with the same name
  • It is not clear which characters were found andhe canbe loaded without a menu


(Video) 5 Editor Tricks you must know! [April Fools]

domain:to update

Update to the latest version of gd-edit


The publisher will check for a new version if it hasn't done so within the last 24 hours. If a new version is found, a warning should be displayed right after starting the editor.

running theto updateThe command actually starts the download and restarts the editor if possible.



He simply exits the program. Very clear!

convenience commands

These are commands that normally require complicated character operations to complete. While the editor offers many tools for exploring the game's database and modifying your save file, sometimes you just need a little more oomph from the editor.


Set the loaded character's level to a new value


level <new level>


You can level the character either up or down. This command will update the following fields:

  • character level (3 separate fields)
  • attribute points
  • skill points
  • experience points


domain:I respect

Respect the loaded character


Respect Respected Attributes Respected Devotions Respected Skills Respect All


I respect, by itself, is the samerespect everyone.

This is useful when you want to transform your character into another build entirely. Alternatively, you could also just respect stats, devotions, or abilities if you just want to tweak your build a bit and avoid having to pick everything again.

To use

In case it wasn't clear, the editor doesn't provide any way to choose devotions and abilities. You will have to return to the game to do this.



Set save game directory to a path


saversavedir <path to save directory>


The editor already looks in the following directory by default:

  • Steam Cloud Storage Directory (Obtained from Windows Registry)
  • Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save\main

If, for some reason, the save directory does not reside in any of these locations, you can use this command to add another path for the editor to look for.

To use

Point to the save\main directory. Because... reasons?


domain:save clear

Delete the previously defined game directory


domain:it's a game

Set the game install directory to a path


Many of the editor commands will not work unless the gamedir is set!



gamedirgamedir <path to game installation directory>


The editor will look for the Steam installation directory and then look in the "\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn" subdirectory. If you are not using Steam, or if you installed Grim Dawn in another directory, you will need to use this command to help the editor find the installation directory.

The editor needs "database\database.arz" and "resources\Text_EN.arc" to resolve affixes, their human readable names, and other data required by various commands. Defining it is notstrictlyneeded if you are only using the 'show' and 'set' editor commands. However, it is very likely that soon you will want to create items by name and respect your character, etc.


domain:delete game directory

Delete the previously set game installation directory



Shows the currently selected mod


domain:mod selection

Choose an installed mod to activate


mod selection


This is another command that will not accept any parameters but will take you to a selection menu. The menu will display the game mods you have installed and allow you to choose one to "activate".

When a mod is "live", the editor will fetch the contents of the mod's database.arz file. From that moment on, mod data will be taken into account to respect, level, modify the domain/class.


domain:clear mode

Uncheck the currently selected mod

class manipulation


Shows the loaded character's classes/mastery


domain:add class

Add a class/mastery by name


class add <domain name>

The publisher can accept any domain name listed inclass list, which should include all masteries added by mods.

The editor will try to remove 1 skill point from the character if possible. This is done to keep skill point usage constant. If the character has no more skill points to use, the editor will ask you to do so anyway if you wish.

This command is included primarily for completeness, as you will most likely choose your domain directly from the game.


domain:class list

Show classes/masteries known to the editor.

This includes masteries added by mods. See the 'mod' commands to configure which GD mod the editor should take into account when handling character domains.


domain:delete class

Delete a class/mastery by name


delete class <domain name>

The publisher can accept any domain name listed inclass list, which should include all masteries added by mods.

Removing a domainnoskills associated with the domain. Any bonuses gained from these abilities must still be active. However, you will lose the ability to put points into these skills in the game's UI.

Deleting a mastery will return the skill points you put into the mastery.


database scan


Explore the database interactively


db <registry path>


database records/items/summaryshows all known boots/shoes in the game

database records/items/summary/d010shows database record for "Earthshatter Treads"


This command is similar to the "show" command. While the "show" command lets you browse the character file as a directory structure, the "db" command lets you browse the game database as a directory structure.

Partial route matching rules also apply.



Query the database


q <matching condition> <matching condition> ...


q chave~offensivePhysicalMinfind all records that have field keys that partially match "offensivePhysicalMin"

q offensivePhysicalMin>50find all records/items/fixes that cause at least 50 physical damage

q offensivePhysicalMin>50 levelRequirement<20find all records/items/affixes that deal at least 50 physical damage and can be equipped by characters below level 20

q log name ~ axfinds all records where the name partially matches the string "axe"


Eh... Are you really reading this? Let me tell you... it's highly unlikely that you will need this command.

The db game hasa littleData. There are about 30,000 records last time I looked. that's just onesmallToo much to search manually. This command allows you to examine the database and limit the results to something that can be manually examined.

The game's database records are kept in what are known as "key/value" pairs of the akahash/dictionary table. The command accepts a series of match conditions that perform a single test on the key, the value, or both. If a record meets all the conditions listed in the "query", the record will be collected and displayed in the future.

matching condition

A matching condition takes the form<match target> <operator> <match value>

A<matching target>it can be the string "record name", "key", "value", or the partial name of a key.

<operator>must be one of the following:

~partial string matching against
*=partial string matching against
=exact match against
!=it's not the same
>but bigger than
>=Better than or equal to
<less than
<=less than or equal to

A<corresponding value>can be an integer, a float, a quoted string, or any string

results ordering

The editor will display the first 10 matching records sorted by their record name. You can modify the order by adding a clause in the form of "order".

The editor will always sort in descending order if an order clause is provided.



Show next page in current query result


Often, a query will returnmanyresults. Each record shown in Theeditor only shows 10 records at a time. Running this command will cause the next10 command to be displayed.

If the last result was displayed, running this command again will "wrap" it and start displaying again from the first matching record.



It is short for "next appointment". It does the same as 'qshow'. This is just an analysis so we can see the "next" set of results.


How to cheat in Grim Dawn? ›

To access the console and enable the input of commands, players will need to go to the Custom Game option in the menu that is located just below the start button. After clicking Custom Game, hit the tilde (~) or the apostrophe (') key and then begin typing in the desired command.

Can you rename your character in Grim Dawn? ›

How do I make a copy of my character? write <new character name> will make a copy of your character with a different name. Be sure to restart steam (if you're using steam and cloud saves) to have the new character be recognized.

Where is Grim Dawn save file? ›

As I say, the local save folder was on a hard drive at this location (D:/username/documents/my games/grim dawn/saves).

How long does it take to get to 100 Grim Dawn? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Grim Dawn is about 21½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 156 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is Grim Dawn max level? ›

The level cap is 85, increased to 100 with the Ashes of Malmouth expansion. At levels 2 through 50, you earn 3 skill points per level. At levels 51 through 90, you earn 2 skill points per level.

Can grim be a name? ›

Dutch and German variant of Grimm . English: from the Middle English personal name Grim (Old Norse Grímr originally an epithet of the god Óthinn with the meaning 'masked person' or 'shape-changer'). The name may have been bestowed on male children in an attempt to secure the protection of the god.

How do I change my glitch name? ›

Every Glitch project has the following options that you can customize to make it unique. You can update project name and description in the project editor by clicking Settings > Edit project details. Once you are done, click Save.

Can Sunny's name change? ›

Originally posted by Ganbatte Castle: Hey there. I, unfortunately, believe it can only be selected and changed in that first instance where you can name him. It can, however, be altered with a save editor.

Is there a bank in Grim Dawn? ›

The Foggy Bank is a world area in Act 1. It has a Riftgate and connects to Wightmire, Sodden Hollow, Burrwitch Outskirts and The Flooded Passage.

Where is Dalia Grim Dawn? ›

Daila Thornsbury is an NPC located on the upper level of Homestead. Finding her diary initiates the Missing Diary side quest in Act 3. In the Ashes of Malmouth, she can later be found on the eastern edge of Mourndale, offering A Sister's Love and Family Matters quests.

Where are Gothic saves? ›

Note that VirtualStore is not used if you have UAC disabled or are using XP; in either of those cases the game saves for Gothic will be located within the installation directory (C:\Program Files\\Gothic by default, or within Program Files (x86) if you have a 64-bit OS).

What level do Legendaries drop Grim Dawn? ›

Legendary items begin to drop around level 50.

Are Grim Dawn DLCS worth it? ›

The storylines are as good as in the base game and fun to follow. New zones are all very well done and have a lot of atmosphere. If you liked playing the base game then I highly recommend getting this. Ashes of Malmouth delivers what it promises and is well worth the modest price.

Is Grim Dawn endless? ›

You have a limited set of bounties per faction, per game session. When you quit & reload, the bounties are refreshed. So, technically endless, but you can't stay in one game session forever.

Which gods are in Grim Dawn? ›

  • 1 Ch'thon, the Dead God.
  • 2 Korvaak, the Forgotten God.
  • 3 Witch Gods.
  • 4 Mogdrogen, the God of Beasts.
  • 5 Menhir, God of the Earth.
  • 6 Ulzuin, the Betrayed God.

Can you duel in Grim Dawn? ›

Player vs Player

Player (PvP) mode. If this setting is enabled, all players who are not in the same party can actively attack and even kill each other. You cannot loot slain players. Note that death is still permanent for Hardcore characters that engage in PvP, so only duel if you are ok with losing that character.

What does Veteran mode do Grim Dawn? ›

Veteran mode increases the challenge on Normal difficulty by making monsters stronger and tougher. You will also encounter an increased number of spawns, with a noticeable increase in the spawn rate of champion and hero monsters.

Is flicker a name? ›

The Flicker family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. The most Flicker families were found in USA in 1880. In 1840 there were 8 Flicker families living in Pennsylvania. This was about 80% of all the recorded Flicker's in USA.

Can you marry grim? ›

Grim will lose his black smoke trail and eerie voice but he will now be fully romanceable! You can date Grim, marry him, WooHoo with him and Try for Baby with him all you like!

Is vortex a name? ›

The Vortex family name was found in the USA in 1880. In 1880 there was 1 Vortex family living in Maryland. This was 100% of all the recorded Vortex's in USA. Maryland had the highest population of Vortex families in 1880.

How do you make a glitch account? ›

To create an account, go to and click the Sign up button on the top-right of the screen. You can create an account using any of the following options: Your Facebook account login. Your Github account login.

How do you glitch your name in among us? ›

Players just have to head over to the website and copy the Unicode character U+136 also known as 'Hangul Filler' and paste this code in the field where players have to input their name. This code will create an invisible name in Among Us and players can enter a game with no display names.

Why is Aubrey's hair pink? ›

Aubrey, believing that her friends had just moved on from Mari's death and didn't care, would become angry, dying her hair pink and becoming friends with the Hooligans, and eventually becoming their leader.

Is Hero Sunny's brother? ›

Hero, also known by his presumed real name Henry, is one of the three deuteragonists of the 2020 psychological horror RPG OMORI. He is one of Sunny's friends and the eldest in the group, as well as Mari's boyfriend and Kel's older brother.

Does BASIL have a crush on sunny? ›

Basil is in love with Sunny. Basil is very gentle, sensitive and somewhat effeminate, describes Omori as "perfect" on more than one occasion, and calls Sunny his best friend. Cutscenes show the two holding hands or comforting each other in a very tender way.

Does Grim Dawn have legendary items? ›

Unique items include those of Epic and Legendary rarity. These items are the rarest and most powerful items in Grim Dawn. Unique items have pre-determined stats, as opposed to the randomized affixes of Magical (yellow) and rare (green) items, and can sometimes come with active or passive Granted Skills.

Can Grim Dawn coop? ›

One of my favorite aspects of ARPGs is co-op, and while Grim Dawn does support up to four players via online services, there is unfortunately no couch co-op, which was disappointing as these are some of the few games my wife enjoys.

Is there a town portal in Grim Dawn? ›

Look on your bar below and look for the red oval, that is your persoanl portal. Its there from the beginning, just have to find the other portals around the map to use the portal in town (prison).

Is there a healer in Grim Dawn? ›

Other than the Inquisitor, what classes have heal spells? Additionally, Occultists pet raven can heal you, and Shamans Wendigo Totem also heals you and allies in range. Beyond class skills, there are several items, relics, and devotions which can heal you and your allies as well!

Where is Igor Grim Dawn? ›

Igor "The Brawler" can spawn at the end of Cronley's Hideout (in the area after the boss room), or above the shrine in Cronley's Hideout. He may also be found in other parts of the hideout.

Where is Barnabas Grim Dawn? ›

Barnabas is an old man who lives in Devil's Crossing. He is the handyman of the settlement, maintaining whatever equipment its people need to survive.

Where is dishonored save? ›

Everything stored in the steam cloud is in (Install Directory)\Steam\userdata\XXXXXXX (user ID)\XXXX (game ID). Dishonored's ID is 205100, as you can tell by looking at the URL on steam's Dishonored page.

Where is tunic save data? ›

Save game data location
Windows%USERPROFILE% \AppData\LocalLow\Andrew Shouldice\Secret Legend\SAVES\*.tunic
Microsoft Store%LOCALAPPDATA% \Packages\Finji.TUNIC_tys0ffscxatjj\SystemAppData\wgs
macOS (OS X)$HOME /Library/Application Support/Andrew Shouldice/Secret Legend/SAVES
1 more row

Where is the long dark save? ›

It auto saves when you enter a building, pass time, or sustain an injury event. Look for the little save icon in the corner of the screen. Sleep or pass time one hour - in any place, but take care with temp or may freeze to death.

Does Grim Dawn have anti cheat? ›

No. Originally posted by powbam: Mod and/or cheat to your heart's content.

Does cheat engine work on Grim Dawn? ›

Grim Dawn Cheat Engine is a free utility for the PC and is fully compatible with the current version of CheatEngine's 9/19/2014 3:31:01 PM EDT. The functionality of the Grim Dawn Cheat Engine was. You can also buy Grim Dawn 1.1. 5.2 here (currently still in alpha).

How do you spawn items in Grim Dawn? ›

Click on the crafting tab in GD Stash and you see an option to search for an item. Set it as need be and then click on the desired item and then click on an empty space in your stash and hit save stash.

Can Grim Dawn be modded? ›

Grim Dawn features a powerful set of modding tools, the same tools, in fact, as the ones used by the development team in the creation of the game. This grants players vast opportunities to create their own content, items, classes and even entire worlds.

Is Cheat Engine unsafe? ›

Cheat Engine itself is not a virus. A few antivirus marks it as malware or PUP because it can attach itself to processes and modify memory. The installer you download through their official website is bundled with a bunch of adware. More information about adware can be found from below antimalware vendors.

Do monsters respawn in Grim Dawn? ›

The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. No timer, all enemies respawn when you quit to main menu and create a new game.

Is Grim Dawn a Diablo clone? ›

Grim Dawn is the most clone-y clone of Diablo I've ever seen. Same aesthetic, same gameplay mechanics (many developers try to enhance this part of the genre), and even the same UI in large part. If you're going to copy, copy from the best, is what I always say and that holds true here. Grim Dawn gets it right.

Is Grim Dawn horror? ›

Hack and slash your way through the brilliantly realized horror-fantasy world of Grim Dawn, an instant classic in the action RPG genre.


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