Nintendo Switch Online N64 Games: Goldeneye Launches Soon (2023)

25 January 2023:This list has been updated to include the release date for Goldeneye 007.

Recently theNintendo Switch onlineThe service received a retro-style boost thanks to the addition of the Expansion Pak, which brought the Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Drive to the service and brought with it some amazing games.

Playing N64 games on Switch is awesome, they look and run great, and using save states makes things a lot easier. Also, for many younger players, this is the most convenient way to access these games and probably the cheapest. Classics like Super Mario 64 still hold up and look better than ever on a brilliant OLED display. So what are theyNintendo Switch Online N64 gamescurrently available?

Nintendo launched the N64 service with nine games, and many more have appeared since then. Nintendo uses theNintendo Direct September 2022to announce the imminent arrival of Mario Party titles one through three, both Pokémon Stadium games, Excitebike 64 and, after a long wait, Goldeneye.

What games are included in the Nintendo Switch Online N64 service?

Yoshi's story

A delightful 2D platformer with a unique visual style. This is a great game for younger players and has many elements of the classic Yoshi's Island. The green dinosaur still attacks by throwing eggs, and half the fun is finding all the collectibles in each level.

win back

A lesser-known gem that was actually quite groundbreaking for its time, Winback is one of the earliest examples of a successful third-person shooter, a style that heavily influenced later games like Metal Gear Solid 2. , but it's still worth keeping an eye out for some lighter arcade action.

Super Mario 64

The classic. The Pioneer. The first 3D platformer that really hit the nail on the head and completely changed the industry. Super Mario 64 needs no introduction, and if you haven't played it yet you'll be surprised at how well it holds up (camera controls aside). Filled with awesome music and iconic levels, it's still exciting 25 years later.

Star fox 64

Or Lylat Wars, if you're from the land of Greggs and beans on toast. Star Fox made a confident leap from the SNES to the N64, using every ounce of graphics power in the system to bring this space rollercoaster to life. It's still fun to revisit, progressing through enemies with the on-rail levels and trying to unlock the hidden paths. Plus, many of the gargantuan space bosses still offer a decent challenge.

sin and punishment

A different kind of on-rails shooter. Originally released only in Japan and set in the far future of...2007. From veteran developers Treasure (Gunstar Heroes), this shooter brings chaotic action like no other. If you like Kid Icarus: Uprising on 3DS, you'll probably enjoy yourself here.


Mario is taking a break from plumbing Peach's pipes to team up instead! With tennis. This game ushered in a golden era for Nintendo sports games with this first foray into 3D. The addition of online features is also a godsend, and while it doesn't include all the features of the newer entries, it shows that Nintendo and developer Camelot got a lot from the start.

Mario Kart 64

The destroyer of many sibling relationships, this is when Mario Kart went mainstream, and for very good reason. Mario and his friends had a large number of tracks to explore, including new playable characters, and the racing mechanics have been refined since the SNES. Playing with friends was a breeze on the N64, and the online features here make it even easier.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Another gold standard classic, Nintendo entered the 3D world with confidence, and Zelda proved them right. Using 3D space to create massive dungeons and a stunning open world to explore really felt like going on a grand adventure as a kid. With its time-warping story and gallery of intriguing characters, this still stands as one of the little green boy's best outings.

Doctor Mario

Not content with plumbing, karting, tennis and flying in Super Mario 64, Mario also appears to have earned his PhD fighting viruses. Or do you think he's lying? Anyhow, dr. Mario is a fun falling block puzzle where you have to spin the falling pills to get rid of the viruses on the board. This one has some nice modes to explore as well as multiplayer options and proves that Nintendo always knew how to create an amazing puzzle.


After Nintendo embarked on a grand RPG adventure with Super Mario RPG on the SNES, Nintendo followed the creation of Paper Mario with the delightful world. Each scene feels like a storybook brought to life, and the unique setting allowed Nintendo to loosen up a bit with the writing and the characters. It remains one of the most entertaining games in Nintendo's catalogue, and is a delightful RPG that doesn't take a million hours to complete.


Everyone knows Super Mario 64, it's a cult. But what if I told you that a seedy little UK studio called Rare has made a game that's arguably better in many ways? Banjo-Kazooie takes the idea of ​​a 3D platformer and perfects it, but with an abundance of cheeky humor in every second of the game. This marks the birth of the classic Collectathon with so many items to find in each location, but Banjo and Kazooie also have a variety of different moves that make jumping and battling baddies a blast to this day. But I'll tell you what, Gruntilda looks even uglier now than I thought then.

The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Maske

Not only did N64 owners get a classic Zelda game, no, not much more than a year after The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the team at Nintendo used the existing assets they had built and created The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. , a twisted tale of time travel and a killer moon that still gives gamers goose bumps to this day.

This one is a bit more difficult than Ocarina of Time, especially since you have to start the days repeatedly and learn what you can and can't change at once. But Nintendo took the darker theme and ran with it, delivering a truly dark adventure that is unforgettable.

F-Zero X

If Mario Kart is too slow for you, try playing with real explosive power thanks to F-Zero X and drive through space with Captain Falcon and his friends. Though the series has been dormant for almost two decades, it still has a rabid fanbase, and this title is holding up particularly well today. This is now also the first F-Zero game with online features, but we hope it won't be the last!

mario golf

Mario's first foray onto the green is holding up surprisingly well, and with the addition of online multiplayer modes, there's never been a better way to relive your golfing memories with friends. This title introduced many of the features we know and love today, and the art style and music still have a lot of charm. Camelot made so many great sports games after that, so why not see where it all started?

Kirby N64: Die Kristallscherben

We just got an amazing pink puffball 3D platformer in Kirby and the forgotten land. So if you're on a Kirby binge and want to learn more about his history, this is a neat little title. While many other series used the N64 for 3D, Kirb stayed true to its roots and created an adorable and engaging 2D platformer that remains a great entry point for younger gamers.

Pokémon Snap

It's finally here! Considered by many to be the best Pokemon spin-off of all time, the original Pokemon Snap gave young gamers in the '90s their first glimpse of a true 3D world inhabited by Pokemon. It's so popular in the fandom that requests for a sequel were very loud for two decades before finally getting one on Switch. Read our fullNew Pokemon Snap reviewHere.

The original still holds up very well as players explore a number of different locations and try to take amazing photos to help Professor Oak in his investigation. As you use items to interact with Pokémon, more secrets will be unlocked as you explore these areas, and you might even stumble upon an especially rare Pokémon if you know where to look.

Pokémon Puzzle Liga

Written byNintendo of America on Twitter, the N64 puzzle title Pokemon Puzzle League is included in the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service. A twist on the classic puzzle game Panel De Pon, this fantastic title is a true gem of the N64 era and one of the few Pokémon games that openly acknowledges the anime, even with clips and characters from the series.

This port brings online features to multiplayer, meaning you can challenge your friends to intense, competitive puzzle action. Pokemon Puzzle League appeared on the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service on July 15th.

wave race 64

The jet ski-focused classic is making waves on Nintendo Switch with Wave Race 64, coming to Nintendo Switch Online on August 19, 2022. Battle your friends online as you ride the waves and even ride a dolphin in these thrilling waters. exciting sports ride.

Pilot wing 64

Fly through the skies, now with the power of polygons! The sequel to the airborne SNES action original Pilotwings 64 makes it all bigger and better, it's a great demonstration of the N64's capabilities.


The party that started it all. Challenge your friends in a series of fun mini-games while playing as your favorite Mario characters. An instant classic and a fun title to play to this day.

Marioparty 2

What's better than Mario Party? Mario Party 2. The good folks at Nintendo have created a sequel that takes the action and gaming to another level of silliness while perfecting some of the smaller details to make the pack easier to play.

Golden Eye 007

The names Bond, James Bond. A pioneer of the FPS genre and possibly the reason for millions of sibling rivalries, this classic from developer Rare is iconic of the era thanks to its sharp (for the time) shooting mechanics and big action scenes. You can relive your childhood when Goldeneye 007 releases on the Nintendo Switch Online service on January 27th, 2023. This time it even includes online play! See you there, just Puncher, right?

What N64 games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online?

during the lastNintendo Direct September 2022Today Nintendo released a full list of upcoming Nintendo 64 games for the Nintendo Switch Online+ Expansion Pack Service. The next batch of releases is coming well into 2023 and will be heavily focused on party games. Almost all of them are Nintendo's own games, so anyone hoping for many more rare titles is out of luck, but they've sneaked in with a big surprise. The list of upcoming Nintendo 64 games yet to be released is given below.

  • Marioparty 3
  • Pokemon-Stadion
  • Pokemon Stadium 2
  • 1080 Snowboard
  • exciting bike 64

Nintendo Switch Online N64 Games: Goldeneye Launches Soon (24)

That's all the games on the Nintendo Switch Online N64 service for now, although we know there's more to come in the future. We'll be updating in the future as more are announced, so check back often. If all that retro gaming goodness has you wanting to jump even more, be sure to check out our guideThe best switch platform gamesnext.

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