Same but different: Meet the familiar faces of Honkai Impact 3rd in Honkai: Star Rail (2023)

We are counting down the days until we can finally officially boardHonkai: Star Rail's Astral Express is on April 26th!

There will be many new faces to meet, but did you know that there are also many familiar faces?Honkai: Star Rails predecessor,Honkai Impact 3to accompany us on our journey through the stars?

While HoYoverse said soHonkai: Star Rail is a story in itselfIt is reassuring to see some of their iconic charactersHonkai Impact 3Characters get a chance to take the stage, even if they're very different (well, except for two!) from the version of them we've come to love.

So who are they and what role will they play?Honkai: Star Rail? Read on to find out!

Same face, different game

Welt Yang

Same but different: Meet the familiar faces of Honkai Impact 3rd in Honkai: Star Rail (1)

We explored World Yang and why exactly he ended up on the Astral Express. But to keep the long (and complicated) story short, World Yang was a key figure inHonkai Impact 3's universe as the former ruler of the anti-Honkai organization "Anti-Entropy" as well as the other "Ruler of Sanity".

After the events ofHonkai Impact 3, World Yang found a semblance of peace in his life and started his own animation studio, which translated into the timeline of "A post-Honkai odyssey'.

However, he inexplicably disappeared when the world was hit by the threat of an alien invasion. It is later revealed that Welt had infiltrated one of the alien ships, leaving him stranded in space.

Welt is one of only two characters who are directly descendedHonkai Impact 3's universe and went insideHonkai: Star Rail.


Same but different: Meet the familiar faces of Honkai Impact 3rd in Honkai: Star Rail (2)

(Video) Welt has a flashback after seeing Luocha's face | HONKAI STAR RAIL #shorts #honkaistarrail #weltyang

Himeko gets a second chance at life (ugh).Honkai: Star Rail, this time as the trusty navigator of the Astral Express.

IHonkai Impact 3Himeko Murata was the Valkyries' beloved teacher at St. Freyja Academy. She was instrumental in suppressing the awakening of the second Void Lord, saving Kiana at the cost of her life.

Her death came as a shock to all players. So imagine our joy to see them againHonkai: Star Rail!

Despite the fact that theyis notthe Himeko we know, it's great to finally see them back in action.


Same but different: Meet the familiar faces of Honkai Impact 3rd in Honkai: Star Rail (3)

Bronya Zaychick afHonkai Impact 3becomes Bronya RandHonkai: Star Rail.

Although Bronya no longer rules reason and truth in this universe, Bronya still faces the enormous destiny of becoming the next Supreme Guardian of Belobog.

But much of what we loved about Bronya during her time as a Valkyrie is still present in Bronya Rand. She is determined, powerful and dedicated to the people she protects.

However, her appearance is the adult version of Bronya and not the familiar young twin-tailed look she had throughout the story.

(Video) 8 ADORABLE Genshin References in Honkai Star Rail!

The adult appearance was introduced in "A Post-Honkai Odyssey 2' with the combat suit 'Silverwing: N-EX'.


Same but different: Meet the familiar faces of Honkai Impact 3rd in Honkai: Star Rail (4)

Soul Volley may be calm and meek and wouldn't dare hurt a fly, butHonkai: Star RailSoul's version is the exact opposite and instead exhibits the same characteristicsHonkai Impact 3Seeles Alter Ego, Veliona.

Captains may remember Veliona as brash and violent, but with a kind and caring streak beneath her rugged facade.

soul outHonkai: Star Railis the same and even takes its appearance from a mix of battlesuits Starchasm Nyx (which belongs to Veliona) and Swallowtail Phantasm (Seele's introductory suit).


Same but different: Meet the familiar faces of Honkai Impact 3rd in Honkai: Star Rail (5)

Li Sushang was once an NPC inHonkai Impact 3, but became playable with the release of her Jade Knight battle suit. She is also a Valkyrie Disciple and rules over the Fu Hua Sensation. She was also one of the main characters in the visual novel 7 Swords.

Honkai: Star Rail's version of Sushang is an amateur member of the Xianzhou Luofu Cloud Knights with a goal of becoming a respected member of the group.

Fun little fact: The giant chicken that Sushang summons during his burst is modeled after Fu Hua's mascot, Roasted Chicken!

(Video) Welt and Bronya have same interesting Voice Lines

So we can also say that Fu Hua is in the game (just kidding... maybe... HoYoverse, we can't wait to see a Senti-Expy...)


Same but different: Meet the familiar faces of Honkai Impact 3rd in Honkai: Star Rail (6)

Natasha Ciora (or better known as Raven) iHonkai Impact 3is a trained mercenary employed by the World Serpent, one of the three groups formed to suppress the Honkai invasion. She is bloodthirsty and ruthless, but also harbors a soft spot for children, which is evident in the story when she took care of Nagazora's children.

Honkai: Star RailBut the version of Natasha puts an end to her killer days and makes her a trusted doctor and matron at Belobog's underground orphanage.

silver wolf

Same but different: Meet the familiar faces of Honkai Impact 3rd in Honkai: Star Rail (7)

Silver Wolf, the mysterious and talented hacker who appears at the beginning of KafkaHonkai: Star Rail, comes from Bronya Zaychik's alternate universe—even Bronie or "Haxxor Bunny."

Like Silver Wolf, Haxxor Bunny is a technological prodigy. Their base of operations is in Arc City, one of the many venuesHonkai Impact 3.


Same but different: Meet the familiar faces of Honkai Impact 3rd in Honkai: Star Rail (8)

(Video) Honkai player and Normal Player when they see Himeko - [HI3rd/HSR]

Although he has a different nameHonkai: Star Rail's Luocha bears a striking resemblance toHonkai Impact 3is Otto Apocalypse, arguably the greatest villain the HoYoverse has created to date.

Otto Apocalypse was a man driven by a great desire to save his one love, even at the cost of millions (yes, literally).millions) of life. He is cunning, intelligent and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He was also the former Guardian of Destiny and a talented inventor himself.

Luocha, on the other hand, is part of the Intergalactic Merchants Guild and is currently based in Xianzhou Luofu. He has extensive medical expertise and carries a mysterious coffin on his back.

Now we have our take on itWHOexactly is in the coffin, and we can entertain the idea that there might be a certain white-haired girl inside…



Cocolia Rand is Bronya's adoptive mother and the current Supreme Commander of Belobog, a role that is no different for herHonkai Impact 3Version where she is also Bronya's adoptive mother and soul at her orphanage.

Empty archives

The Void Archive is the final divine key created from a ruler core by the flame hunter Vil-V. However, the Flame Chasers were afraid of the Void Archives and sealed them away, fearing that they could become an invaluable enemy to humanity.

Otto Apocalypse would free the Void Archives from their prison, and while they were trapped in his consciousness, they would accompany him on his 500-year journey to revive his beloved, which would be an important way for him to emulate other Divine Keys and his knowledge to expand further.

After the events of Thus Spoke Apocalypse, the Void Archives adopted one of Otto's Soulium avatars, thus bearing a resemblance to the former Overseer (and again a similar appearance to Luocha).

Although not yet seen (or named) in-game, it is revealed in Honkai Impact's 3rd manga "Alien Space" that the Void Archives were with the world Yang in the spaceship, making them the second HI3 character to enter the invaded Star Rail universe.

In a conversation with Himeko on the Astral Express, she alludes to the presence of the Void Archives on the Express, but also confirms that he had inexplicably disappeared before the start of the game.

That being said, get your tickets ready! Get on the hype trainHonkai: Star Rail! The game is still accepting pre-registrationsHer.

Those who sign up in advance will receive lots of rewards,including the 4-star Serval character and 20 Star Rail Pass, 50,000 Credits and the Trailblazer Welcome avatar.

A little fun fact: in the lunar calendar, this April is the third lunar month, while April 26 is the 7th day of that month. The game's release date is a huge tribute to the fan-favorite character: March 7th!

(Video) Silver Wolf's voice was similar to Enna's

For everything you need to knowHonkai: Star Rail, controlHer.

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