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Rready to goKettlebell-Trainingbut don't know where to start? No problem. This article will provide you with all the information you need to choose the right kettlebell weight, whether you're a man or a woman, an experienced or a complete beginner.

What is the best kettlebell starting weight for men?

Men tend to OVERestimate the weight they can liftRussian weights. If you're used to conventional training, doing exercises like bench presses and curls, or using weight machines, a 35-pound kettlebell may seem too light.

The thing is, though, that kettlebell training recruits muscles from all over the body, and your ability to stabilize the weight used depends on your core and grip strength. These are limiting factors. Kettlebell lifting is also very skill-based - your technique needs to be really sharp. The more you weigh, the more likely you are to lift the weight hard rather than properly. Lighter weights are perfect for learning your lifts (and once you do, heavier weights are much easier to handle).

"If you've been in the iron game for a while," says John Wolf, former bossphysical fitnessOnnit Official - meaning you have experience with bars, dumbbells and general strength training -"I recommend starting with a 35-pound bell," which is just over 35 pounds."If you're new to exercise, I recommend a 12-kilo bell" (just over 26 pounds).

What is the best kettlebell starting weight for women?

What is the best kettlebell weight to start with? - Onnit Academy (1)

Women, on the other hand, tend to UNDERestimate how much they can lift. They might pick up a light kettlebell and think it's too heavy, but little do they know they'll be using it for full-body exercises like the cup.squatting, swinging and clean. Because your whole body is working, not just isolating a muscle or two, you can probably handle more weight than you think.That's why Wolf recommends women start with an 8kg kettlebell that weighs just under 18lbs."If you're new to strength training in general," he says, "the 15-pound bell might be a better fit." (Six kilos is about 13 pounds.)

When should I gain weight?

Kettlebells typically gain weight in four-pound increments, which is roughly 10 pounds. With some exercises, this can be a great thingjump, so get used to the idea of ​​sticking with a weight for a while until you feel like you've really mastered it. When you start doing, say, three sets of five reps for most of your exercises, you can hope to get where you are now.five sets of six to eight reps before moving on to the next weight increase.Once you've started doing your reps at a normal or fast pace (the speed at which you lift), work on slowing down, especially in the negative (reducing) portion of each rep. Lifting with less momentum and more control puts more of a challenge on your muscles and technique.

If you feel like your lower body isn't being challenged enough, meaning you can do several more reps on your squat, deadlift, hinges, and other lower body movements than you started, it's probably time to move up to the next weight level. Another progress marker, says Wolf, is your Irresistible Power. "If you can press a super slow overhead bell for five reps and you can do that set on set, it's probably time to move on." Of course, you'll make faster progress on some exercises than others, so it's ideal It's a good idea to have at least two kettlebells with different weights so you can choose the one that's optimal for the exercise at any given time.

What is the best kettlebell weight to start with? - Onnit Academy (2)What is a pudding?

No, it's not a new slang term that all top rappers use. Nor is it a childish synonym for feces. A pud is simply the Russian measure of weight. In Russia, where kettlebells originated, kettlebells are measured in puds, with one pud being approximately 16 kilograms or 36 pounds. You'll hear this term in CrossFit gyms and from some traditional kettlebell trainers.

4 things to look for in a kettlebell


In addition to finding the right weight, you need to make sure that every kettlebell you use has these four characteristics.

1. A comfortable grip

"Kettlebell trainers often recommend a thicker diameter grip," says Wolf, "which increases the challenge on your grip muscles." However, these grips are not a good option if you are new to the kettlebell and trying to develop technique. "Your hand fatigue is going to be a big limiting factor to the best workout," says Wolf, who recommends finding a bell with a handle that fits your hand comfortably.

2. The kettlebell should rest on muscle, not bone

The "window" of a kettlebell is the space between the bottom of the handle and the iron ball. Wolf says it should be wide enough so that the bell rests on your forearm muscle, not the protruding bone of your wrist, when you're holding the kettlebell in the support position (hand at shoulder level, ankles pointing toward the ceiling). , and elbows stuck at his side). Learning how to properly clean a kettlebell will reduce the chance of the weight hitting your wrist and injuring it, but choosing a more ergonomic kettlebell design is also crucial.

3. Powder coating

A good kettlebell will have a slightly rough, grainy texture on the handle. This is a sign it's been powder coated and will help you keep your grip even if your hands are sweaty. "It gives you a bit of friction," says Wolf, "while allowing your hand to move freely around the handle." Don't confuse a rough texture with burrs - sharp edges or bumps sticking out of the handle. Burrs are a sign of a cheap hood that will rub your hands like a block of cheese with continued use.

4. Color Coding

Most kettlebells are dark in color and many look the same from a distance. If you're circuit training with kettlebells, which involves performing multiple exercises in a row, you'll likely need to switch weights, and it's a lot easier to grab the right one if you can look at the handle and tell it by a glance. that's the weight. Onnit's kettlebells are coded as follows:

6 kilograms = baby blue

8 kg = pink

12 kilograms = dark blue

16 kilograms = yellow

Strength and mobility program with kettlebells


Once you've found the right kettlebell weight, you can experiment with it in the following workout, developed by Onnit Certified Trainer and kettlebell expert Eric Leija (@primal.swoledieron Instagram). Combining basic kettlebell movements with bodyweight and mobility exercises, the routine offers the best of all worlds: strength, conditioning, and increased range of motion and body control in multiple planes of motion. This is an amazing routine for those wanting to get started with kettlebell training, as well as more advanced athletes looking to train for better athletic performance and overall athleticism.

The address

Do the exercises in a circle. So you do one set at a time, resting as little as possible between moves.Repeat as many laps as possible (AMRAP) in 15 minutes.Over time, try to increase your speed and reduce your breaks to complete more laps of the circuit in the same amount of time.

Watch the video above for a demonstration of the exercises and a sample round of training.Practice round starts at03:55.

1. Half-kneeling overhead press

Representative:5 (each side)

– Keep your shoulder, hips and knees aligned on the working side.

– Tighten the lat on the working side to keep the shoulder in a strong press position.

– Maintain an upright torso while your core is tight. Avoid bending or twisting to either side.

2. Push-ups


– Point your elbows at a 45-degree angle to your sides.

- Lower yoursBreastas far as you can without losing tension in your core.

– If the standard push-up is too hard or you tire before 10 reps, you can rest your knees on the floor.

3. Child's posture forArmHilo

Representative:3 (each side)

– Press your palms against the floor.

– Keep your pelvis level with the floor while twisting your torso.

4. Deadlift for clean and squat


– Tilt your tailbone back and push your hips back (a hinge motion) to reach up and grab the kettlebell.

- Maintain a "proud chest" position: shoulders back and down.

– Keep your torso vertical and push your knees out as you squat.

5. Side lunge with step-over

Representative:5 (each side)

– Lift the knee up and out in a circular motion to begin the rep.

– Try to go a little deeper with each repetition.

6. Wiper

Representative:3 (each side)

– Always bring your palms to the floor and keep your chest up.

– Keep your knees bent at 90 degrees.

Take your kettlebell training to a new level

What is the best kettlebell weight to start with? - Onnit Academy (3)
Few tools are as versatile and portable as kettlebells. Whether you're a trainer or a fitness enthusiast, kettlebells should have a place in your workout to get the results they can deliver.

Whether you decide to use your kettlebell as a supplement to the workout you're already doing or as a standalone tool, there's a system that will help you get the most out of it.

IsKettlebell specialty coursewas designed to provide the user with a simple and powerful approach to learning and teaching proper kettlebell techniques.

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